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Good healthcare requires good evidence

Good randomized controlled trials (RCTs) provide reliable evidence that enables informed changes in healthcare practice. It must be made easier to do good RCTs to inform future care. 

The Good Clinical Trials Collaborative was set up to develop guidance to promote and enable good RCTs.

Our formal consultation process is over, thank you to those who have provided feedback. We are currently reviewing responses and are commencing revisions of the final guidance text. If you have particular comments please do send in to and we will consider those as we now move towards finalisation of the guidance.


What makes a good RCT?

We have identified seven key principles that underpin our guidance. A good RCT should be:

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Informative and relevant

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Responsible and respectful

Illustration of a mind map depicting connections with mutliple people.

Collaborative and transparent

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Well designed and operated

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Efficient and well managed

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Maintains good governance

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Able to critically assess safety


Keep up to date

The PDFs below show the draft guidance. As we review the feedback received from the consultation process keep up to date with key developments from the Good Clinical Trials Collaborative by leaving your email here:

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