28 Feb 2023

Inside Goodtrials Newsletter – February 2023

The year ahead will see major initiatives take significant steps in shaping the future of clinical trials globally. From the anticipated public consultation on updated ICH Good Clinical Practice guidance to new World Health Organization (WHO) Guidance on Best Practices for Clinical Trials, and with many governments and institutions around the world looking at how to implement lessons from the pandemic, it is a critical time to ensure the principles of good randomized controlled trials (RCTs) help drive this work.

Last year was a milestone year for the Collaborative during which we published the final version of the ‘Guidance for Good Randomized Clinical Trials’ on our website. Thank you once again for your input and continued support. Through this newsletter, we will provide you with a snapshot of our activities to promote and embed the principles across the ecosystem and an understanding of the impact our Guidance is making globally.

In this inaugural edition, we spotlighted the endorsement of our Guidance by world cardiology leaders, WHO’s ongoing work on developing guidance for clinical trials quality and ecosystem strengthening while recognizing our Guidance as a key source material, our commitment to contribute to the 100 Days Mission of the International Pandemic Preparedness Secretariat, and our response to the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy’s call for input on how the U.S. and the world can respond adequately to future health emergencies.

We also covered the recent relaunch of our website and its flagship article – Q&As with Martin Landray. In addition, we highlighted our takeaways from global conferences – The Global Health Network 2022 and Joint International Tropical Medicine Meeting 2022 – last year and looked ahead to our participation at DIA Europe 2023 in March.

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Inside Goodtrials Newsletter – February 2023 Good Clinical Trials Collaborative